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All of our products are BPA free
BPA, or Bisphenol A is an organic compound commonly used in the production of plastics.  Scientific research has led to questionable effects of BPA on both the environment and the human body, and has been linked to a number of startling health issues, most notably neurological difficulties in babies exposed in the prenatal stage. Health Canada has banned the chemical from baby bottles, while the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to assert that there is no immediate need to worry.  

It has also been suggested that BPA may cause other health related issues.  Government funded studies beginning in 2007 indicated a variety of negative effects in rodent offspring exposed in the uterus, including abnormal weight gain, insulin resistance, prostate cancer and excessive mammary gland development.   Similarly, a 2007 study showed that low doses of BPA during development have persistent effects on brain structure, function and behavior in rats and mice, which can affect brain morphology and the brain's memory processes.  A 2008 study shed more light on this topic when non-human primates were regularly exposed to BPA at levels equal to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's maximum safe dose of 50 µg/kg/day, and showed clear interference with brain cell connections vital to memory, learning, and mood.   Several other health issues have been linked to BPA, including hyperactivity, attention deficits,  a heightened sensitivity to drugs of abuse, thyroid disruptions, and various types of cancers.  

For these reasons, all HydraPur bottles are 100% BPA free to ensure healthy, risk-free consumption.  Health issues aside, we also believe in stemming the flow of plastic water bottles that continue to find their way into landfills and our planet's oceans.  This helps to further reduce chemical leaching, where BPA and other chemicals can find their way into our water supply, directly affecting you and your children.  The benefits of HydraPur bottles are obvious, and we are proud to offer products that can be used time and time again, saving you money while instilling that same pride in being eco-friendly in the 21st century.